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Afrika, my bequest
Afrika, my patrimony
Afrika, my kingdom
Afrika, my royal palace
Afrika, my paradise

Afrika, you and I are one
Like fish and water
Like tea and sugar
Afrika, you are the home of the brave
The home of courageous heroes
And the home of the children of the black Diaspora

Afrika, you are the
rolling stone
Rolling from Cape to Cairo
Rolling from Maputo to Morocco
Afrika, you are my alpha
And Afrika, you are my omega

Afrika, the world of chanting warriors
Afrika, the land of unbroken spears
Afrika, the emporium of this world
Afrika, you are the adamant
Like a mountain, no one can move you
Like nature, no one can change you
Afrika, you are a legend
You stood and survived the test of time

People from Britain
People from Europe
Yes, people from America
Did you architect of bribery and malice
In the continent
Did you loot our African pride and heritage?
In the name of Christianity
Did you plunder from Afrika?
In the name of civilisation
Did you sail slaves ashore?
Did you take with you our gold and diamonds?

Afrika, the champion
Afrika, the emperor
Afrika, the martyr
Afrika, the rainbow
Sooner or later
Your sons and daughters shall sing in unison
Songs of liberation and victory
Afrika, sooner or later
You shall be free
Yes, Afrika shall be free, free, free, free

Written by Mzilikazi wa Afrika


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