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Still Strugglin'

On slave ships with you
Packed belly to back
Together in haunting darkness
The motherland calling us back home
Unity was understood
Wallowing in the rich, life giving blood
Of my sisters
Amazed by the raw power
And kept hope alive
Did we
Imaginations dreamed of
What we would become
Innocence stripped away
By the sticky adhesive backing of hatred
the passage
links us
Solidifying us as one life
Living vicariously as vessels
Sent from the haven of heaven
Steady climbing the ladder of self-satisfaction
Eliciting a single reation
Shattering the thick
Unyeilding blanket of oppression
Releasing love that the chains
of Amastad refused to hold
Freeing a thousand doves
Letting freedom ring
Catastrophic revelations
Composed to expose the truth
As it is now known.

Written by AgapePoetess


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