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A Moment To Live

Do you hear life's music playing in your ear
Can you smell her sweet perfume
Can you discern the scent of her
Feel her on your face
Like a cool wind on a sunny day
Close your eyes,
Run your fingers over her silken skin
Enjoy the sweet taste of her on your tongue
Breathe her deep into your lungs

For she speaks
In the song of the birds
In the wind in the trees
In the majesty of the mountains
In the changing colours of the plains
In the eyes of a love one
She speaks
In the waves of the ocean, the smell of the sea
In the beauty of a baby's toothless laugh
In a diamond's imperfection
In the rising sun
She speaks…

Take a moment to hear her voice
To breath
and embrace her
Above all the noise
Take a moment to love
A moment to live

Written by Akinyi


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