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Child Of War

back against the wall
all four years of him gaped
as the men in uniform
pointed the guns in his mother's face
eyes open wide
he held on tight
to his toy truck

didn't feel the wetness
slide down the side of his pants
didn't feel the toy truck cut
through the skin of his hand

the uniformed men
spoke in a way he'd never heard

pointed, then shoved the gun butt hard
into his mother's side
and when she screamed
they turned the gun round

and there was a sound
louder than the bombs overhead

his head turned
to the liquid red snake
slithering quietly on the floor
he heard the silence break

as the men in uniform
turned their guns on him

Note: The ravages of war, and the subsequent effect on our children
who are our future leaders is devastating to say the least, and only
guarantees a repeat of the cycle of violence in the years to come.

Written by Akinyi


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