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Ms. Soap Opera

Although, I never set a "career" choice
Just go with the flow
Using all that I know
To eventually guide me to what's destined
Balance my weaknesses and my strengths
To allow me to be the best of the best when
My career finds me
I still, somehow managed to get a P.H.D. in men
With a minor in niggas
According to society's double standard
Surveying us
Yeah, I can count the number of female friends
That I talk to on one hand
And I always have a male confidant on hand
Whenever I need to talk
And maybe I look like I own the world when I walk
Drawing more men my way
That I mainly turn away
But no one can point that one out
And so the hell what
I have a guy to the left
And one to the right
Laughing with me
Joking at me
And we just happen to be in your eye sight
I tell you that's my brother
Although we don't share the same mother
Nor father,
As a matter of fact
Does not mean
That's not my fam----
My nig----
And when we're together
I, all of a sudden
Forget how to act
And go from Anesa
to "dat hoe"
Oh, and by the by,
Speaking of hoe,
Betcha didn't know
That I read your lips
When you labeled
Me with your fingertips
Pointing out that
"That's not right"
"She should be ashamed"
Says the stuck ups...
The hatas wanting to fight
All because they are overprotective of their man
And they just don't want to understand
That I'm just a she-nigga
It's in my blood
A tom girl
Who feels at home with the opposite gender
And with her own, feels alone
And if you wonder why I don't like your kind
Just think about your accusations of me
A woman you don't know a penny's worth about
Yet, you're full with doubt
Questioning my character
And then think even harder about
How the only thing on your mind
is thinking of how to rewind
change the character to another woman
Because trying to bring her down
Would be so utterly divine
Change props while your
World is on pause
Maybe change up a couple of words
One clause
To say
Get the perfect "shittin on" stage
Grab the remote
And press play
Although soaps rot your brain
They still play everyday...

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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