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My sabbatical
Break from life's touch
A symbolical
Adrenaline rush
All in the mind
Descending in time
Severing the line
Of an exquisite retreat
Dreams, fantasies
All one in the same
Delightful, delectable, sensational, incredible
Unconfined like an intrepidation
My fabrication
My life's crutch
Never ending
Only the beginning
Of my pending
Yet it is all contained
This scripted, depicted, conflicted place
Mind so blown
I can't even face
Life outside that door
Painted, created, projected, placated
Out of my rage
But Shakespeare said it best
When he pointed out
"Life is just a stage"
And I am just a character in it
Even in my own world
I am just an actress
Playing out the feelings
Scripted by others
Feeding my subconscious
Pulling a Donell Jones
"Don't know where I wannabe"
Yet my destination screams
Through my bones
Can't knock it, can't shake it
Can't break it
Cutting through my skin
With pieces of my own broken heart
Warped, whipped
Not supposed to be like this
Hitting my ass
With the guile of a forehead kiss
Like it ain't just one of those things
And I should place my ass
On the pedestal of a blue bird and just----sing
And stay in this
Evolution, revolution
Infinitely, I've created
Stay mute, stay aphonic
Like a disease
Shit is chronic
My terminal world
So surreal
Hatched out of rage
Proving that in all worlds
Life is just a stage.

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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