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Broken Silence

Here's to my broken silence
Here's to my fallen tears
Here's to my scars
My fears
My trail of lies
String of truths
My rights
Here's to the path less often taken
Here's to my past
And to my future
Hell no!
I will no longer be breaking
Here's to me finding
Peace in pain
Doubt in love
And here's double
To me finding
Love in pain
Here's to my every fall
Here's to my shattered confidence
Newfound cockiness
Here's to me finding my path
Even if I have
Barely discovered my journey
Destination not yet revealed
Here's to my inner strength
No longer concealed
Here's to me leaving
But never saying goodbye
Here's to my blood rushing
Every day
With just the thought
Of every way
I can be better
Than the others before
Here's to me
Not fearing
What's behind
That door
Here's to me releasing
My pressure
From letting go
And grasping my hope to reunite
Here's to my calm nights
Here's to me becoming a woman
My own best friend
Breaking my silence
Loving myself
In every way
Here's to you
Anesa Laneigh…

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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