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Lose-lose situation
Story of my life
Comforted in the fight
In the battle
To universal bliss
In the midst
Of arrogance
And greed
No need
To try to take hold
Of a soul
Grown cold
Spirit so twisted
So caught up in your own world
You missed it
Couldn't see what was
Yours to touch
Yours to own
Looking right above
Now I've turned so cold
A lose-lose situation
Either I'm an ass
Or a fool
An ass for trying
A fool
To be used
And my life is to
The point
Like I'm sleeping with my
Window open
Hoping for rough winds
And getting a still night
Still shaking in fright
So accustomed
To the delight
Of the harshness
Of the life
Of a lose-lose
Trying to win
The mission impossible
Derived from little girl's dreams
Embodied in a woman's destiny
Entangled in my lose-lose situation
Maybe I give too much
Care too deep
Love too hard
Still can't sleep
Looking for some type of lightening
Even if get no storm
Suspicious of peace
Thinking it to take a form
Of power
To devour
What little strength I have left
Placed in motion
By you
Left in corrosion
By you
Lost in emotion
For you
And you're still blinded by
Your own greed
Yet, I'm still fascinated
By the need
To be placed in this lose-lose situation
Story of my life….

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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