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Sometimes I look at life
And wonder
What's worth the effort
What isn't
And how do I tell the difference
But then I guess that's why
They call life a bitch
The bitch that always
Gets married first
And ladies are always
The first to marry it
But when does a girl
Become a lady
And a lady become a woman?
Poised and elegant
Deleted by society
Questions never answered
But always accused as wrong?
But how can something be wrong
If it's never been taught
To be right?
And what crosses the
Line of right and wrong?
Who created that line?
And is it fair for different people
With different ideologies
Different raisings, upbringings,
And ways of life
To follow one rule?
As if they're walking one path
To several destinations?
Paralleling each other
Intertwined in the destiny of others?
Then if each soul's destiny is connected
Why is hate and anger even
In existence?
Instead of a mutual bliss?
Trying to achieve
An adjoined destiny?
And how does all of this
Come about
From simply establishing
What's right…
What's wrong…
And how do we tell the difference?
Questions….yet no answers…

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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