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We all make connections
As a child, we play tag
In hopes of not to be tagged
But still touch another
There's the smack you 'tag'…
Gently caress you 'tag'…
And the hope that you ever…when will you ever…can you NEVER notice me 'tag'…
I have been playing this game for damn near two decades
And a sista still can't manage to get with it
But do I have to?
Like Eve, I didn't ask to be
Evolve and dissolve into a woman
My presence wasn't asked
Or prayed upon
As my tags have
I have tagged myself within each inch
Of manhood offered
Hoping that the next stroke
Would reach my soul
But I can't place or be placed in a circle
Whose already been created
Tagged within each other
In humanity
So why lose sanity
Over the desire to be touched
When souls are already connected
Pre-destined and manifested
Connected as one…so tag…your turn.

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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