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Twisted Soul

I am hate
I am the reflection of pain
Deflection of malice
Creator of spite
I have lived a life a lie
Held so much fire in
Anguish that never said goodbye
I have tormented torment
And overly indulged in contention
And developed such decimated deceptions
That I am peace prevention
I am my on seed
Personal creator
Own stimulate
Of a vice that
Falls deeper than hell itself
I am hate
I am the reflection
Of concealed fury
Catalyzed into torture's beauty
I am the nightmares
Of those in love
And the fears
Of those in lust
I am every scream
Every tear
I am hate
I am every heart broken
Powerful words unsaid
The simplest words unspoken
I am every fallen relationship
Every adulterous affair
Every bruised woman
Every scorned man's stare
I am hate
Every perverse spirit
Deranged out of their on pain
Never could find the sun
Or the rainbow
Always stuck in the rain
Every generational curse
Every better to best
And best to worst
Every crash and burn
Every spiteful plot
Hell, I am spite
Trying with all my might
To break the mode
Of mutiny untold….
My twisted soul….

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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