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I feel like I'm fighting the soul in me

That's always known me
But could never know me
Always loved me
But could never like me
Always touched me
But could never hold me
Always saw my tears
But never knew my fears
Always knew where to go
But could never guide
Couldn't understand my truth
Just knew when I lied
Always stood behind
Because I wouldn't allow us to be side by side
And always knew my thoughts
But could never get inside
Always invisioned me as a butterfly
Just trying to create the perfect wings to fly
Never doubting I'd find my way
But knew, to all, its on time
Was okay with not being accepted
As long as she was never denied
Never singing "Love Won't Let Me Wait"
Instead, "Love Takes Time"
And knows that eventually she will win my heart,
Because she understands my mind
Always would understand
And never try to tame
Is patiently waiting now
Because she knows nothing in life ever stays the same
And as the years continue...
She knows her views will remain
Never doubting my destination
Just monitoring my journey...bringing rainbows after the rain,
Until I finally reach her
To realize the greatest love that could ever be
Should've always come from the mirror reflection that I'd see
I climbed the the years passed
Finally embraced her....
She was me.....

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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