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Beast In Me
They say what won't kill you
Will only make you stronger
And right about now...
I'm feeling beastly
So fuckin Queen me
And unless you've stepped your game up
I should say, fuckin "KING" me
Maybe removing your crown will wake you up
October 13---my lucky number 7
Months spent rebuilding my Earthly Heaven
Memories...nightmares filling my blood
I'm on a mission
To gain everything I've been missing
Reminiscing about a past
Lost in submission
I had an apparition
That a boss bitch is what the game has been missing
The lady in me will return later
Hood ignorance is the only way that the world
will listen so I'll wrap my finesse into something I
know you'll be feelin
No ceilings
I've broken outta my bottle
And if I'm hurting your feelings now
I can't apologize
Maybe you shoulda thought about how mistreating me yesterday
Would affect your tomorrow
Maybe you shoulda killed me...
Because now I'm about to make you relate to my horror
Being as merciful as I can be
I want your mind
Self-inflict your wounds for me
Make sure you stay busy
I don't care
I'll be away building my kingdom
Rockin my crown
I arose with the heart of the lion
I can't get knocked back down
I feel like it's my job to preach about the truth
I've found
I'm on my on high
I'm living out loud
Fueled by the moments that painfully set me free
I took the blows...
And was reborn a fuckin BEAST...

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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