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A Renaissance

I am a piece of art
Existing in history
I've been held captive in tragedy
Living fantasy
And seeing reality
Falling asleep in dreams
And dreaming of my cries
Feet bleeding
Running so deep to find the answer why
Continuing my journey
Until I reach my wings to fly
Spreading my message
I'm a living dictionary
Images like pictionary
I've been down so long
All I can be is a visionary
Fighting to end my struggle
Owning my future bliss
Trying to change the world through the color of my lips
Vocalizations like an apocalypse
I speak revelations
And no matter how many medications
You try to silence me with
I'll just make my next implication
A dedication…
To you…
Are you listening?
It's the people like me
That will overturn this nation
We are the refugees of society
Running away from the depression and political oppression
Of this recession
It's time we teach a lesson
And slap you with a blessing of common sense
And no matter what I lack
You can not take my confidence
While you're on top,
I'll stay graciously waiting
Bopping my head
To the unfound
Blessing of the street
Joining in on the prayers
Of mere hope just to make it to better see
Yeah, I've been held captive in tragedy
But I'm not a parody
Instead, I'm an afrocentric melody
Mediating my way through history
I am art in motion
Trying to break free….

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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