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The Last Farewell.....

My skin is cracking
My soul is torn
Withered into pieces
You don't know me
You never knew me
Just a façade
Of hope in human flesh
Internally drowning
In silent tears
Falling deeper into men
Trying so hard
Hoping that the next thrust
Will penetrate the ice around my heart
That chills my bones
And lifts me
If nowhere more than to a place
Where I can feel a touch
Instead of just sensing the blow
And know love…
As passionate as I know pain
As livid as the taste of my on blood remains
Trying not to coexist bitterly
Taking so many highs
That I should be insane
But the hate blocks self-empathy
And my continuous rage has damn near gotten the best of me
To where my hero has now turned into my worst enemy
And I'm surrounded by chameleons
So it's getting hard for me to see
Trying to build my on toll
So that I can be my on fucking Statue of Liberty
And, although I drown in silent tears
Before I die, I promise you,
You're gonna see the beast in me
Making my kisses
Into venom
Where your next thrust will remain your last----
And my hardened soul's tip will point the way to the next woman's redemption
Will the direction be
For what is a lesson learned
If it's used wastefully?
And not every teacher can teach
But every person can be a mentor
Mentally….challenging the next
Not to be
The same as the one before they came to be
And because your history is the past
You already know that it's not your destiny
And as I take this final breath
I leave my statue
Learn from my reflections and misdirection
Don't let me die

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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