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Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know...

I find a natural simple simplicity
In the way that you love me
The way that you sway me
Cradling me from all of the pain
That I would have then and now gained
Even the scars self-inflicted
So committed
To loving me
With future dreams of becoming a better we
And all that I am
You accept
All that I ask
Is that you don't lose yourself
Trying to synchronize yourself with me
You're man in every essence of the word
Just your mere aura allows you to be heard
So, don't silence yourself for me
When I lose my mind
Because I can't seem to leave the worldly issues behind
And as soon as I walk through the door
I'm not the woman who held you close last night anymore....
Don't hold it in
And I love the way that you cook for me
You put your heart into the kitchen.
Just for me
If my mind is somewhere else
And I don't receive your love favorably...
Let me know
Now, I'm a woman
And it's a well known fact
Two thirds of the women in the world are bipolar
And will relentlessly change how they act
As often as you change your underwear
But I swear, I don't mean to
I love
Even when I'm going all schizophrenic on you
And there may be days
When my stubborn ways
Send your mind in a daze
And make you want that vodka even more than
you're willing to convey
Don't just sit there trying to drink your pain away....
Let me know
I never meant to be so emotional
It's in my D.N.A.
From the first time that the doctor told Amanda
I'd be a girl
It was established that whatever man fell for me
Would have hell to pay
But don't drown your anger in anything
Don't patiently walk around
Don't run to your friends with the questions
Wondering what you can do
They have the problems, too
And if they have none
It's not the fact that they're doing something right...
They've just not allowed themselves to fall into love's sight
Trust me, when they do
They'll be at our door running to you
Baby, WHEN I drive you crazy
Because I know I will
Let me know; don't conceal
I don't have to be the first, though....
But we can't grow stronger if you hold it in
So, just don't let me be the last to know...

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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