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Ripped apart into the darkness of my soul
Climbing the mountains, walls, bridges
That I myself created
That's how I know that they are iron…steel
As still as the movement within me
I feel her…we are one
I grow with her
Fight with her
Stand for her
Month by month, she grows
Reminding me of my greatest joy, weakest pain
And I still remain
Sensation like the night air
Invisible to the eye
Obvious to the touch
The love which created this movement
Has taken its own form
Yet I can't give up on it
Although I have seen its bitter deceit
Nothing else can taste this sweet
I battle for this movement
I crusade for its light
Kicking, rolling, swerving
Making her presence known every night
I climb for her
I forge against my soul for her
I will continue, until I feel her…
Our skin-to-skin
My joy, my pain, my lesson, my life, my legacy,
My reincarnation, my accomplishment, my journey
Past, present, future…
My now and forever
All that is and once was for me
My vision is clear…as I look and see
My daughter.

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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