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Shades of Emotion

I see in shades of red
Each illuminating a new silhouette
A new pinnacle of fire
That can either warm the heart
Or char the soul
Burning through me
Illumining an era of rage
Red…tears of blood shed
Pain that left a bruise
Nightmares of the images that stick like glue
Burn like ice
Trapped, singing songs of deliverance
Hymns of an embittered ambiance
Just like a tattoo without end
I can't run from it
Nowhere to conceal myself…
Left with no arms to defend
So I live red…
Blazed a fire of fervor
Never-ending and intense
In the flames, came you
With the passion of Aphrodite herself
Stroking deeper than my pores
You reached my spirit
A spirit of lusts
You are red
With each love making session,
I was misled
Into a love of the flesh
I'm in heat
On fire…
Blazing into society
A worldly deception based upon wealth
Bestowing upon me power
A power of all except for myself
I turn red
I am the root of ardor
I move as one with clout
My opulence measured in great amounts
Within my wicked route…
A great road of red
Fire bursting into flames
Creating a foreign reflection
Anger, love, lusts, hate,
Fire, dreams, dread,
All abstracting my heart as bait
Past, present, future
All detained within
A shadow of me
A gape of red…
Combusting into each other
To create an image of myself…
As another
A breath of fresh air
My deliverance from evil
My Angel God sent…
My new beginning in another
A replacement of the heart that had nearly withered
A verve in the form of a daughter…

A dedication to my one true love…my savior and reason for being…my mini-me
I was reborn on June 15, 2007
Madisyn Amaria-Louise

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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