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Tears From My Nile

I cried last night
Tears falling like the Nile
Deep into my soul
Unveiling who I was once
Making a formal introduction to who I am
I shed a tear
Not for my past
But for my future
Each drop
Not for those whom I have loved
But for those who love me
Love me enough
To embrace my flaws
And appraise my conquests
Beads of moisture stinging my face
Not for my losses
But for my attainments
I cried not for the fact that you could not love yourself enough
To love a good thing offered to you
But for the fact that in your growth, you let me go
Descending upon something that loves me more than I can imaginably love myself
I cried not for the clouds that have come into my life
But for the fact that the sun now shines
I cried when Niecey became Anesa
And Anesa became Ms White
Droplets of moisture hit me
Not because I am here today
But because I have the impudence to claim my tomorrow
I cried not because I bared my soul to you
Loved you so hard that it hurt
And offered to move my heartbeat next to yours
But because my heart found that it's tempo had been long ago set
And just waited for the grand arrival
I flowed like the Nile in the past hours of darkness
But they only purified my radiance
Don't mistake my tears for weakness
Don't think them to be pain
Because I am resilient
I am dazzling
I am on a new path
And with each droplet
I am stronger than I have ever been

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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