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When The Kiss Changed

We had split
Yet we stood before each other
I could no longer stare into you
But here, you still looked
With each step that you took, left
I went to the right
So gradually
That we didn't move at all
Just our hearts
When did this start
Could we change now
Or is it too late
Was it meant for us to be?
To love?
Or was it our ending fate?
No more fairy tales
No never-never land
No more nights of you entangled in me
And I, you
So deep
That it reached our prayers
No more endless kisses
Forever reminisces
In a quiet storm
That always seemed to shortly stop its form
No more late night rendezvous
Early morn waking
Love making
Has been excised, too
I can't even hold your hand
You're just not the man
That I fell in love
Well….lust with
No more late night phone calls
Or long goodbyes at night fall
I barely see you at all
Even though here you stand
I am no longer yours to claim
And our story…
All of this seemed to rearrange
In one moment…
One instant…
All of this
When the kiss changed.

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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