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If I could rewrite the lines
Alter the verse
Regroup our bridge
to fit that perfect note
Re tune the chord
To a sharp instead of the flat
I don't know if I could
You were the heart of me
The soul in my bones
Tempo in my womanhood
Changing meters
With every verve
Director's stick in hand
Only you could stir my climax
In a way
Strictly your forte'
If I could change the melody
Allowing it to flow better
With the harmony
And not rush with the wind
Allow a harder instrument to roar in
Instead of a soft mute
To prove rough edges to
Stand true
Stronger than my possible weakness...
Only you...
I don't know if I would
We make beautiful music together
Imperfect and flawed
The stanzas flow smoothly
Even when our hands are not sure of
where each note should fall
Even in the worst of
You were my improv
So, could I change our music?
Not likely-----
Because regardless of
Yesterday, today, or tomorrow
Our ending position
You are my song,
Our composition.

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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