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I Speak Silence, Whisper Darkness

I speak silence
I whisper darkness
No light to the
words unsaid
Chained by my on feelings
thought to be dead
No hope for the joy that
I thought to be spread
As long as I'm trapped in the essence of you
I speak silence
I whisper darkness
Uttering my words so softly
Out of fear of shouting
To an empty crowd
A heartless you
So that you can finish
The damage that you began
Take my soul
To match its spirit
Leave me as nothing but flesh
Walking out of the same
Door that you did before
A sudden change
To not wanting me anymore
All because you just...changed your mind
Even now
In this time
For you I have nothing left
But bittersweet tears
And the fears that the
Next man will work in the same way
Nothing left but nightmares
That love for you will never fail to stay
And my anguish will never go away
I speak silence
I whisper darkness
Divulging my feelings
To nothingness
Telling of all my emptiness
And my jaded moments that I gave
Thought that I had forgave
And stopped being enslaved
By my on lust
Stopped digging my on grave
Hoping to be saved
Even if by your cold heart
I speak silence
I whisper darkness
If to no one
But my on reflection
Guiding me from
Your misdirection
Constant correction
Mounting from my on voice
My new choice
I may speak silence
And whisper darkness
Uttering simple words
But I'll never stop myself
From trying to be heard.

Written by Anesa Laneigh


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