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"Brief Encounter (Selfish)"

She's sitting and it was ordinary Monday. And she looks up and I'm standing right over her
and I'm asking her about some work. And for the first time in a long time she was elated.
She had noticed my persona to be well and discreet, and our conversation had continued for
two weeks. And I noticed her (Or so she thought) and I told her that she was beautiful. With
her curves complimenting her face, profound lips luxuriant compassion full of style and grace.
And when she moved, it looked as if she took the wind with her! From her big brown eyes
and lustful full lips. She was beautiful and I lusted for the way she moved. Her style of grace
and her sweet scent and she comes over to me and tells me that she enjoys our conversation
and she invites me back over to her house. She was beautiful waiting for me sitting on the couch.
Her sweet scent and candy caramel thighs, and it was within her walls that I wanted to
abide. And our energies was like being in paradise and the eloping of two flowin juices and
my sperm cells were attacking the back of her walls like parasites. And she kissed me; and
it seemed like I fell off of cloud nine.
And as we lay there I look at her and I stare. And I look under the cover and I think back
on my attraction, it was nothing more but a lustful penetration act of satisfaction. And I
didn't call her anymore. And her beauty slowly faded and blended in with her sloppy walk
and her duck lips and flabby saggin hips.
I felt like I committed an act of larceny and made her juice run until the last drop. I didn't
look at her the same, she didn't smell so good; and her lustful tactics…man I could of swore
she was a bop. But she wasn't. Her liking really wasn't in my favor.
After she gave it all to me…I could of cared less about her later.

Written by Anice Enkrein


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