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"Rich and Unhappy"

He coats me with the finest coats and drapes me silk fast in linen, but even with all the
finest finest jewels of America; couldn't possibly take care of her !

And as he sleeps, I watch the nigh dawn on his eyes upon his face. He would rather love
me in silk and lace and dress dawn and diamonds upon my face than cherish me as a… jewel.

18 years and ears and I'm suffocaton from being in his shadow.

He shadows me out just he way that white out wiped out my name on our marriage

Because love couldn't even hold on to forever, and when he said forever his love came
with a limit and time was put on pressure.

But I love him, he loves his riches and I'm just another name on his list along with the
other bitches.

Written by Anice Enkrein


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