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"Space" (For Cedric)

I stood before you, and no light shinned through. And there I stood. And we were
standing in space where time had to keep relapsing just for us to get it right. And all
I wanted to do was write on the walls of your heart because even a dark heart still
bleeds red.
And we stood there.
And I remember reaching out for your hand even though we had already been
holding on to each other and you couldn't even feel the connection in my touch if I
forced it.
I stood before…
You. And I just wanted you to wipe my tears away. Standing in time and space
where time really didn't exist, it was just a moment in which we were particles that
existed once upon a time. And I remember when I put so much reasoning behind
our art so that we could toss, glide, and paint the colors that we had made even if
our art stood before you and you still didn't understand it. I just needed to know
that you loved it. Because I needed you to meek me at my highest point and be able
to hurt me the most because I needed to know that our beat was not brief even if
your heart felt numb.
I stood before you.
And no light shinned through, and we were standing through time and I saw us
running in the reflection of what your eyes meant of us to be perfect. Because even
though you were with me you; you were not of so you stood outside looking in on us;
or what could be the possibility.
And I stood before you…
And cried and even though your hand was pressed against my face; you still
couldn't conjure up enough sincerity because our ego's clashed and detached our
emotional state. And I love you! All the way down from your sweet caress kisses and
your mental intellectual mixes an I thought that if I could stare I love you we could
speak without verbal communication; but you didn't hear me.
So I stood before you…
And no light shinned through and we were standing in space, because time ran out
and we were left with the memory of you and I and what happened when we gave
each other…

Written by Anice Enkrein


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