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Let Us Go To the Other Side

I often concede that because of
Who I am, why I am, what I am, how I am, and where I am
Is the reason for being stuck right here
Baffled and bewildered I fall to my knees and sob
Behold, my child, here I am the Lord God
Looking upon you crying in defeat
A liar, a theft, a deceiver is what I see
Deception and mistruths have been your ferry
And all your burdens you have continued to carry
But now that your heart is open and seeking, I can enter in
Making you whole, on me you can depend
Rise up and hold your head high
For I am with you and within you am I
So thither and when you become weary and start to sob
Remember no matter
What you are, why you are, how you are, and where you are
Who you are is a child of the Highest God

Written by Anita B. Evans


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