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Homey, Lover, Friend

Hello there Boo?
You got anything to do?
A homey, lover, friend...
That's what I want to be to you!

You do shopping trips with
your lady friends,
We have no problems
sharings our ends,
Shorties hate on me,
they say I'm using you,
They just don't understand
what we have Boo!

We can go out together for ice cream,
Talk to one another about our dreams,
Make mad passionate love
until you scream,
Then hang out around the way,
ya know what I mean?

You and I, we have the
best of both worlds,
You're down like my boy,
I understand you like your girl.

When I'm with you I witness
the finer things in life,
Homey, lover, friend...
now forever my wife!

Written by: Antonio Mitchell


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