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Hey baby, I guess I'm gon get it all out/
It's a lot , see if I can get it all out my mouth/
When we was one, we used to shine like stars/
Now I'm on my own behind loves bars/
You got the key.. got the key so baby break me out
You not my past so why you wanna fake me out
You aint just the last, but you the one and only
Always keepin it real girl too cool to be phony
you know that you know me, you know that im loney
thinking bout how we used to creep at night
starin at my cell phone hopin to see the light
metting at the park used to drive me crazy
tellin me to be the look out cuz you were way to lazy
makin love tellin me to keep my head up
I kept my focus while you kept my head up
Climbin loves mountain just me and u
I'm a soldier for this love
Ain't No limit to what we can do

Written by ATW


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