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Damn, Tracy what can I say/
Seems like my chance at true love is slowly drifting away/
Would love to see you tomorrow/or even today/
Some way/I wish I could just get you to stay/
It's tough and now I'm dealing with my reality/its just the principalities/
That's why you were mad at me/
I can't complain what we had was good/bunch of memories to hold on to/
I did the best that I could/we used to sit and say how it's gonna be so good/
Thinkin bout worx/damn I wish he would…..
All the talks on how to build your security/you were so sure of me/I had your back surely
You always saw the good in me/
Never thought you that you'd leave me so alone/I'm out here on my own/with no one to
share this home
It's just a house now/no longer have my spouse now/sittin in my bed thinkin bout how…..
Could shit get like this
Oh how I miss yo lips/I just need one kiss/
Just to let me know that my patience will pay off/
Need to get this dead weight off/can you let me know if ya body stay soft
Is there still a spot in ya heart for me?/that one day I would see/ we can get shit back the
way it should be

Written by ATW


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