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I'll Always love your smile, our 1st kiss, your touch
Always cherish the day, you gave me your love
Not a second escapes the thought of you.
A permanent impression of all you do.
For me it was Always from the start.
Just like our tattoo's, you could never be erased from my heart.
Perfection, yea that sums it up.
My playa's card I've proudly given it up.
For you, I'm all in, I'm showing my hand.
Promising as I vow to forever be your man.
Always shall I stand, so proud that you're mine
Knowing the world see's you with me as you shine.
Always making you smile or even make you cry
Keeping you on cloud 9 as we shoot for the sky.
Always leading, growing, Always providing
Making sure our love will never grow divided.
This is what I live for, making you happy
No other love can compare to what we have…. see…….
Always is what defines us.
Blood, sweat and tears……
You must let down your guard and tackle all your fears.
You may be content right now I'll give you this…..
Just give me one chance, one wish, one kiss…..
I know you can't resist, I'll prove it you'll see
That our Always will Always consist
Of you loving me………..


Written by ATW


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge