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This is a farewell, the beginning of the end
End of the memory of having more than just a friend
And end to the happiness, and end to the pain
Forever begins right now the past was so insane
The end of the way I used to hear you call my name
No more finger pointing, no more taking all the blame
Goodbye to the phone calls
No more making you moan, nall
Away with the touching
As I tore down the stone walls.
The "I love yous" are gone
our songs no longer playin
No more "don't doubt me's"
Or hearin me call your name.
Goodbye to the girls
Yeah, mine and yours
Forever stay apart to remain in separate worlds.
No more flowers, no more showers
No mines, yours, no ours
No more love making for hours
No more stayin in the towers
Goodbye to Denver
Here's to a cold and lonely dinner
No more meeting at the market place
Waiting for my winner
Bye bye to our mountain cause we never reached the peak
Away with meetin at the park just to get a peek
I'm done sending roses in the middle of the week.
No one to hold ya down cuz I know when you're truly weak
Goodbye to the one who really swept you off your feet.
I'm gone take this like a man
No more agony of defeat
I know I'm still a winner
Therefore there's no shame in this heart beat
Goodbye to fun, smiles and laughs.
No more thanking God that you prayed me to your path.
It's all over, finished, fineto!
I can accept this now, there's truly no need to see you!
Never thought I would feel this, but I no longer need you
I tried, I tried….. Tried to be your hero
Now's time for me to truly say goodbye
All I have now is ZERO………….


Written by ATW


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