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Why waste my time loving a million women, when I can love YOU a million ways?

From the day I met you, life changed.
Sounded a little strange but I was in love at "hello"
I let my ego go, because I found what completed my soul
It was you
You didn't have to put on your best, nor show your chest like the rest,
It was just you
All my desires for anything else completely left with your "hello"
Normally I'd put on a show,
but this
this, was different, it was special.
It happened at a time that I didn't have the need or desire to love
I thank the God above that he paired us
Two undeserving marriages would be our barrier
What will I tell my girls, was the only thing scarier.
The joy of US is all we needed.
So with God I pleaded
Asking him to make me understand
That I could be a great father and still be Tracy's man
That's all I wanted.
I tried to keep the two lives
Never told any true lies
Always kept it real with you
Fighting myself wanting to be with you having fun exploring different
My only fear was how will I deal with my baby's faces
I just wanted you.
My better half wasn't an issue, she actually left \
Wanted be your toy, your mechanic, your chef
Together till death……..
Do us part?
I know I delayed shit, prolonged things.
But I meant it when we got our tattooed rings
Against the world is what I envisioned
Fighting everything against our love, I would let nothing prevent it
I know see my biggest fight was time…..
Not a regular opponent
Time had it's on agenda
I swear I was in it to defend ya, but it would take a miracle for me to
win it
Time fought a good battle
I took its initial blows, but I got up on my toes
And now I'm fighting back
I can't go back and undo times damage
But I can start to heal your wounds
Using my love for you like a bandage
I promise it won't be soon
Before you've realize I'm still the apple of your eye
For you, for this love I'll die.
You're the mate for this soul
Baby I'm in shape I'm ready, and you know
All I want is You……..

Written by ATW


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