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I'm trying……

Tying not to think of you
Battling with myself not to reminisce of the things you do
Tying to be stronger than my past
Attempting to convince myself that this true love wears a mask
Trying to get over the one hope of happiness that has alluded us
How can I rebuild the trust.
Trying to mend what was oh so delicate
Climbing loves mountain just to get in shape.
Trying not to remember that I was your hero
Watching loves thermometer drop to below zero
Trying not to call, ring, or text
Hoping I'm still "the present" and you stay clear of "the next"
Trying not to send roses
Staying away from you in my mind and your many poses.
Trying to forget US
Something like the trip to Vegas or bust.
Trying not to read the cards, look at the watch
Don't want to wear the shirt you bought
Trying to understand your heart
Only to fulfill your true love from the start
Trying to forget that I paid that damn fine
Thinking of the stories that we'd tell your kids and mine
Baby I'm trying….
I'm trying to defeat all the odds
I promised I wouldn't, but now I must take this to God
Trying not to lose you
I can't accuse you, confuse you or bruise you.
Just want to amuse you
Trying to hold back the tears
If you leave I'll have to battle my worst fears
Having heaven and loosing it
I'm trying………

Written by ATW


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