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Lift my eyes to the hills…. My help comes from GOD.

I am living in chaos; the walls are closing in around me….
Help, please someone help!

That's it, I can't do this anymore…. I feel the end is near
Should I use pills, a gun, or hang myself.

No one in this cruel world understands or even cares about
my plight. He is hitting me at home; no one at work respects me
or cares about what I have to say, I wait each day…. and there is
never a kind word.

"What do you mean no? Who are you, I am not your
Daughter, I don't even know you."

"Why should I believe, more importantly why should
I listen to you."

"Don't you understand, I have done all I can do, I have
nothing left to give, nothing left to live for."

Help me, please someone help me!

"What else do I have to lose?" "Well I guess nothing,
here is my hand, lead me as you will." "You said your name is GOD, but I can
call you Mother/Father?"

I am walking down the roads of remembrance, restoration,
forgiveness, reconciliation, consecration and healing.

"You are right, I am not alone. It is an honor to call you Father/Mother, GOD, Allah, Jehovah,
Prince of Peace, Lily of the Valley, my all and all…. the Intercessor."

I will never again forget to look to the hills…. my help comes from GOD.

Written by Tanya Bates


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