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Unforgetable Night

I love when you kiss me then look in my eyes,
the thought of your warm tongue on my thick
thighs gets me aroused. Drip, Drip, Drip is what
I do when I think of you, me hot and wet and
you hard and stiff aw man. I dream about how
much i'm loving your deep strokes but not as
much as you lovin my deep throat. Yum, yum,
yum, you eatin me out while I scream here I
cum, cum, cum. All night you beatin these
cheeks until my body is over and done. "Oh
shit baby!" you whisper as I ride you all krazy.
As the night comes to an end, we rest a little
before we get it in again, our bodies soaked like
we fucked in the rain all of our strength and energy
is drained. So instead of doing it over, we slept in
each others arms, the next best thing to do. Whenever
we make love it's incredible, so mind blowing it's.....

Written by Poetic Beauty


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