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Your like fire when your close to me and my body melts
like wax, thoughts of your hands on my warm soft skin
makes it hard for me to relax. I want to take it slow so we
can give this friendship thing time to grow, but when you look
into my eyes it makes my body want to put on a show. It's
crazy when I think about you, my body temperature rises, it's
the thought of you loving me in between my thighs, the kiss of
your lips, your strong hands gripping my hips, oh Nate i'm trying
not to trip. Just close your eyes and imagine my body all over yours
on a sensual stormy night, for it to happen now would be wrong, but
you got to admit, it sounds so damn right. So now we'll conversate,
laugh and rid ourselves of any strangeness, so when the time comes we
can get down, dirty and dangerous.

Written by Poetic Beauty


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