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The Man

"This is a man's world" is what James Brown use to say,
and since I've been with my man, it's been his world
everyday. Not a day goes by that I don't thank GOD for him,
the man in my life and the contributor of my hearts bliss. Right
now I seat him high up on the throne so he can play his part as
the man in this relationship and he will continue to rule until the
day he decides to call it quits. GOD forbid either one of us would
want to but as long as I be the woman and he be the man GOD should
have no problem because He will guide us with his love, mercy and
unchanging hand. As the woman in this union I shall play my part as
follows, I am a comforter, a backbone, a 2nd conscience if you will, a
lover, a listener and a companion and when my man is down on his feet
I am a stand-in. I am here to provide my man with all the support, inspiration
and motivation he needs, and behind close doors be his pleasure, his pain,
and his seducing fire and lace him with all the fantasies his mind and body
desires. My man, if he wants it and it is in my grasp it is in his hands,
no questions asked. To some I may sound stupid because our foundation is
fresh, a new, and my dedication to him seems too fast, but before me, there
was her and she didn't know how to stay in her class so she is now what we
call the past and what my man and I have is what he wants to last. So say I'm
"caught up" like Usher or "Fallen" like Alicia Keyes but I love my man, my boo.

Written by Poetic Beauty


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