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As Brothers

If you have seen what I have seen
raise your consciousness to a degree of Infinity,
live your way but know what is tangible

If you have lived like I have lived
see the two of us as brothers,
in struggling union, bonded by not blood
but deeds to the way of expulsion,
having nether resolution nor retribution
but forgiving the way nature forgives man, all at once
realizing understanding and valor are not given to troubled men

If you are wise now like I am wise now
come into a new self, one of respect and open-mindedness,
as we can look past traditions and see the glass in the mirror,
something will prove perception is the virtue of truths
and one's attitude is lock to believing those truths

If you are ready to grow like I am ready to grow
bond with me, and turn whatever anger you have to energy,
energy that will manifest itself to determination,
If you agree with me like I agree with you
together we can conquer the world my friend.

Written by Blackwolf


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