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What idiot stands alone in the rain,
trying to catch drops on my tongue, what a waste
nothing better to do exept listen to raindrops,
wishing I had wings to escape this prison,
nobody can see me looking out my window,
crying to desperation,
mentally beating my head against the wall
Yet still, I listen to the rain,
drip, drip, drip, drip is all I know,
it's so special for me to have silence, no noise
then I see myself flying, I can fight,
I'm the greatest like Muhhammed Ali,
then these walls don't exist,
my doubt doesn't exist,
this life doesn't exist
Hours pass, it's only rain stupid,
nothing but rain,
but then I see a street I used to play on,
the friends I used to hang with,
the choices I used to have, choices unfortunantly made,
the rain suddenly stops,
so I watch the mirror, not looking at my ugly reflection
but the mirror itself,
more interesting than the reflection in it,
curvy, beautiful mirror
better looking than me and a lot smarter
The mirror cracked in my mind,
not too much fantasy, a voice said
not too much fantasia,
then it started raining again, the soft rain again
so I did what I always do, go to my window and watch it,
then go eat dinner along with my pride
and hope that it will rain again tommorrow.

Written by Blackwolf


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