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my exception

He came while you was sleep
Told me it'll be okay if I looked the other way
So I glanced at what I could have and
My heart went straight to where you wasn't
He asked me to stop denying what I need
My heart deserves more then just loyalty
But of all not to plead
I shouldn't seek the hand of the bland man
That made me work so much for it
I turned my back on the man I thought
I wanted the most
the thing I thought I should own
While you slept I went for walks
Seeking the man that gave me more
While you slept I let go of what I thought was gold no longer upset but quite content
with what I found
I found that this distance stopped
Making my heart grow fonder
I found that there is something more real
And defined.... I found my exception man

Written by JessBlaze


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