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Verbal addict

I offer you a piece of my mind
In exchange for an ear
As I split this knowledge
I hope you ackwonledge
how deep my thoughts run
How real my feelings are
What exactly it means to have a heart
I'm not tryin to inform you
On the history of me but
Interpret ma tears verbally
introduce you to ma six sense
Give you a piece of my reality
you really don't have to feel me but just
Listen, listen to the way
I explain the rhythm in ma chest
No one understands
How I am emotionally bounded to this pen
And the truth its ink spills
No one truly real it is
To be in love with words
its power, its strength and voice
The importance of the fluid it leaks on
To this paper..something like my blood
Something like ma skin
Something like the interpretation of ma fears
I write like I breathe
Its a reflex to life....and until ma pen
Dies out.....ill be here wit the same bargain
A piece of ma mind in exchange for an ear

Written by JessBlaze


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