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Every Second

Toward the Heaven; the flash in the sky
Is where my heart now lie
Wrapped in its beautiful grace,
Feeling the sun warmth on my face
Bringing once again a smile to my eyes
For life is a blessing, a natural high
And death comes with birth, but not today
Not today.
Living to the fullest
no longer in a dream
Feeling the life of reality

So sweet, yes so sweet

I'm allowed once again
To feel the coolness touch my skin
Wrapped in the warmth of his gentle hand
Cool my fever, a palm leaf fan
Inhaling a second breath of knowledge
Healing my soul releasing the toxic
again this day
Unfinished business, who can say
Yet I write everyday,

The mellow of the sea
Comes to me with an ease
Learning what is expected of me

Welcoming the flow of life
A mental picture of paradise
Another chance to live life
To help in the creation of paradise

Learning how to set the mind free
To plant roots and grow like a tree
Breaking loose those mental chains
Healing the soul removing the pain

It all matters, yes it counts
To live our life without doubts

Like the Hours in the day
The Minutes in the hours
Making every second count

Written by BlueWater


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