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Feeling You

There is smile that comes to my eyes when I see you
It is a light that shines, a warmth that takes over me.

My mouth becomes dry when I look into your eyes
My tongue glide across my lips
I feel a hunger
I'm starving to be kiss.
To taste the essence of your tenderness,

Your shoulders so broad and wide,
Arms spread out to enclose me.
I lie in your arms and close my eyes,
Taking in the scent of You for a while.

Being so close to you is so healing, inducting a
Nice safe feeling.

I like that mental awareness that is between us,
we know
With out saying a word. The needs of you, and I.
That Intimate Encounters, which has gone beyond
the physical obvious attraction As I lay folded in
your arms. Sensing you.

Your hands caress my tender skins,
I move closer lifting my head high and look into your eyes,
Your lips now cover mind

Hearing the rhythm of your heartbeat.
My head rise up and down
as you breath my body adjusting to your rhythm,
Our hearts are on the same wave length.
We inhale and exhale together.
It is so soothing, being with you.

Written by BlueWater


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