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Miss Merlot

She loves me more than I love her,
And beckons me each night,
It's hard for me, you'll understand,
To sleep without a fight...
I'll never find another way,
To feel that oh-so-right,
But in her grips, I've no control,
She holds me, oh so tight...
She's cruel and kind at the same time,
She laughs as I walk by,
She knows how hard I have to fight,
It makes me want to cry...
To give in to her, with all my soul,
There's just too much to lose,
But when I've lost my sight to see,
It's not up to me to choose...
Although she takes me over still,
And leaves me with no chance,
With the grief she gives such joy,
And leaves me free to dance...

Written by Andrea Opoku-Boadu (aka... Sweetsugarchocolate)


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