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If I were to breathe your name,
You would surely know,
And if I ever held your hand,
You would not let go...
If I ever try to leave,
You would make me stay,
If I act so very sweet,
You will let me get my way...
In your eyes,
I can do no wrong,
And if I'm sad,
You say: "Be Strong!"
If I am not there,
You cannot get no sleep,
And if we're making love,
You always go so deep...
Before we ever, ever met,
You already knew my name,
And though we are so different,
Our hearts remain the same...
We met when we had nothing,
And now we've built a life,
And even when we've lived apart,
Our love has beat our strife...
Though a decade now has passed,
And we have seen so much,
It seems you love me more right now,
And can't resist my touch...
In the darkness of the night,
You still can make me moan,
And though others said our love was wrong,
From two to seven, we have grown...

Written by Andrea Opoku-Boadu (aka... Sweetsugarchocolate)


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