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Boys 2 Men

I'm tired of these disrespecting boys
Silly acting boys
A wanna be 50 Cent boy
One that don't hold your hand when he with his boys because he's scared they might call him weak, boy
One that get with you just because he think he gon "beat", boy
I can't stand one that is so controlling and self-conscious to the point you can't go anywhere without him, boy
One that don't call you back when you called his ass about 10 times, boy
I need a:
Respecting man
Smart about the relationship, man
A confident man that is satisfied with his self, and if he's not he tries to improve himself, man
One that is proud of his relationship and doesn't care who knows it, man
One that get with you not only for your body but for personality and soul, man
A man that call you first and ask how your day been.
I love a man that doesn't get jealous because of another man is looking at you,
because he caters to you each night, and he is positive you wont leave him, man
If anybody find a man like that, please come find me I'll be the one still with the
disrespecting, funny acting, self-conscious boy
Waiting for him to turn from a boy 2 a man

Written by Kim B.


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