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I Miss You

The point of me breaking up with you was to stop getting hurt.
But after we broke up I felt worse.
I tried to hide my feelings for a while by trying to push you away from me
But that still won't change my love for you and your love for me.
I miss the way we was before all the drama
You know, when you was Big Daddy and me Lil' Mama
I miss the way when you kissed me, I felt your lips and hands all over my body.
I miss the way when you kissed me long enough I felt you inside me.
I miss back when, when we had real conversations
I miss how when we talked we laughed the whole time we talked
I even miss how long it took for us to say "Goodnight"
I'm not supposed to feel this way, my pride is too big for this
But I just can't forget it.
I'm not supposed to want you still after what you did but I do.
I'm not supposed to be stuck on you and stressed out but I am.
Something got me stuck on you, I thinks its this thing called love!
Despite of what you did I still want to get back wit you.
If you still want me back I'm willing to give it another chance.
But either way it goes you will always be man!

Written by Kim B.


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