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True Love

Last night I had a dream that you and me finally met.
We was the best couple like Bonnie and Clyde, you know souljah and souljette.
The love we had was so pure, it made other niggas envy us.
But shit we didn't care
Them haters wasn't riding with us.
I was happy that you was there with me.
When we kissed it was like my heart skipped ten beats.
When you held me close I felt so protected.
You and I was a bloodline, we could never be disconnected.
The love that we made was so incredible and thrilling that I was willing to ride and die for you.
Then I woke up holding my pillow as if it was you.
I can't wait any longer until we can experience this together,
And this wouldn't have to be a dream.
But on the way there I already felt what true love mean.

Written by Kim B.


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