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Old Times

Why am I here in bed talking to you on the phone knowing I don't want to
I don't want to be with you anymore.
i don't feel loved anymore
My heart is not in this relationship now that it sems it is dying
My heart doesn't race for you like it did back then.
My mind doesn't stopn when I ear your voice
I miss the butterflies and if I had a chance I would start over
I would start over to the beginning of our love.
The love I felt was perfected by the man above and given to us to share
Go back to those days we had each other laughing for hours over stupid little things.
Go back to a time my heart used to sing for you.
I would start over to when I heard you say "I love you" and my body tingle and I would squeak out
"I love you too"
But now when you call.....
My stomach is still with no butterflies
Phone calls with no laughing
Heart is calm

Written by Kim B.


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