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Emotional Love

I'm waiting for a love,
A love so deep it comes from the heavens above.
One day he came,
Automatically we exchanged names,
Conversated and realized we like alot of things the same.
Everday we spent together was great,
and something we had to appreciate.
There was nothing about him I could possibly hate,
Every moment together was great!!
Until one day he had to go away,
I am hurt, distraut and in pain,
Nothing will ever be the same.
Yeah, we see each other every once in a while.
While he's away and I'm here
Temptation is the burden of fear,
Even though I love my man.
I need the caress and affection of a male's hand,
I will resist the temptation of lust
Because of our love.
Even though all this is going on,
I believe my man is my final mate.
So for him I will wait,
And I will continue to have faith.

Written by Etienne Bryant


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